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"A Christmas Miracle"

Dec 29 | Written By Alexandrea Blue

I have been looking forward to this long-awaited break for weeks now! I am happy to tell you all that I Feel Good. I have been feeling extremely blessed and fortunate to be able to get this break from chemotherapy and all of the bad things that come with it. Thank you to my team for this special time. I cherish these moments as I will never get to have them again now, not that I used to not cherish moments or life, in general, it's just that after going through so much already this time is just really needed. You're probably wondering what I have been doing for my break! It's not much but I have been spending time with my family and some friends. I feel "normal" again and it feels great. My sweet nurse messaged me a few days ago and said that she can't wait to see me on Monday. As much as I want to say the same back (can't wait to see her) but not chemo! Something that I have been wanting to do is start working out again and going on our Peloton! I am proud to say that I have been going on the Peloton daily for at least 30 minutes. This is what my team wanted and what I wanted and I am so happy my body is allowing it. I genuinely enjoy working out and I always have, I feel great already!

I am planning on going to Physical Therapy as well which will help me get my strength back. I am hoping next week when I begin Chemo again on Monday that it won't be too hard on me so that I can continue to work out and do small at-home workouts as well. I have more good news! This year, luckily I can "Make A Wish" thankfully to "Nik's Foundation" !!! The foundation accepted my wish this past week and we will be getting started next. We will be turning our spare room into an extra closet/office. If you're curious to see, message me and I would be happy to update you on the project! I couldn't be more excited and I am very thankful that I get to do this especially being an "adult." I had an amazing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day spending time with my family and friends which was very nice and I enjoyed every moment. I was able to eat too! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I hope you all got to enjoy your Christmas with family and friends! Although a day before Christmas Eve I was in the hospital for 2 days due to a high fever, God was watching over me and blessed me with a Christmas miracle! High fevers are very normal and tend to go away and luckily mine did and everything went up from there. In just a few months starting around June, I will be in maintenance. What is maintenance you ask? Well, it is the time that I will be normal again just like this long break except for longer! I will be then getting chemotherapy once every month and it will be so much more tolerable than getting chemo once a week.

I always appreciate the love, support, and comfort that I get daily from strangers, friends, and family. I wouldn't be #AlexBlueStrong without all of you beside me. I will forever and continue to be grateful for you all. I hope and my goal is to inspire someone and I hope these blogs do. God is good. All the time.



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